Nordisk Biodynamisk Forum 2017


The Nordic Biodynamic Forum will be held this year at Vesilahti, Finland. Forum is hosted by the Finnish Biodynamic association together with Kurki farm. Kurki farm is located in Western Finland by the lake Pyhäjärvi, ca 170 km from the Finnish capital Helsinki.

The theme of the forum will be biodynamic preparations. 


Friday 17th of November:

16:00 Welcome, coffee & sandwich

16:30-18:30 Country presentations

16:30 Finland

17:00 Sweden

17:30 Norway

18:00 Denmark

18:30 Biodynamic / Organic Dinner

19:30 Lecture: Introduction to preparations, Pirkko Okkonen

21:00 Ending the day

21:30 Possibility to go to the Sauna


Saturday 18th of November:

9:00    Artistic work with preparations, Teija Kettunen

10:30  Coffee/tea & snack

11:00  Lecture:  The essence of the cow. Introduction to the cow organs and how they participate in the formation of manure. Wilbert Beyer

12:30  Biodynamic / Organic Lunch

13:30  Practical work at Kurki farm, Wilbert Beyer

15:30  Coffee/tea with sweet and savory

16:00  Lecture:  Preparation work with plants, Wilbert Beyer

17:00  Discussion: Preparation work practices in different countries, moderator Pirkko Okkonen

18:30  Dinner and music

21:00  Possibility to go to the Sauna


Sunday 19th of November:

9:00 Meeting of Nordisk Forskningsring før Biodynamisk Odling (NFR), Open to all

9:45 Nordic Soil Keepers, Pernille Vestskogen (NOR)
10:30  Coffee/tea & bisquits

11:00  Preparation making in Finland – practice and philosophy, Henri Murto

12:30  Biodynamic / Organic Lunch

13:30  Networking workshop

14:00  End of Forum

14:30 Guided tour to history of Vesilahti (2 hours, 10 €, remember to register in registration form)


Changes in the program might appear!